at a pool party


"hey bukowski no offense but why dont you take your shirt off in the pool"
"why do we run from the rain but soak in tubs full of water"
"aight take it easy man"


Takahiro Hara {


Takahiro Hara

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and when i see you, 
i really see you upside down.
but my brain knows better.
it picks you up and turns you around.

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♫~It’s been a terrible year, and it’s only getting worse~♫

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I want all my secrets back

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For my photography class I did series of self-portraits in which I attempted to portray culture and counterculture for the past 10 decades. This is the product of that idea…

this is SO COOL oh man


Foxing- Rory (Space Jam Sessions)

fuck this is so good



doggiekisser asked: ASOIAF is over 15 years old. It's like ruining the plot of robocop or Harry potter.

I think it’s pretty clear that watching the show does not mean you’ve read the book. There’s plenty of people who are behind in the show and have to watch it a few days late or who are catching up on it.

I’ve read ASOIAF but ruining the show for people and hiding behind the “WELL THE BOOKS ARE 15 YEARS OLD SHOULD HAVE READ THEM IF YOU DIDN’T WANT TO GET SPOILED” argument is pretty lame. Harry Potter has been done for 3 years and Robocop was in the 80’s, GoT aired a couple of days ago, let’s be reasonable. Anybody ruining the Harry Potter films because they read the books was lame too.


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Stephen King being Stephen King

I don’t understand how the Book is a sacred thing, but spoiling a television episode is okay? Dat’ some shit

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